Monday, November 9, 2015

GTA 5 first experience

Ever since GTA 5 got released I wanted to play it so bad,but I didn't have PS3.
My parents said they don't want to buy it because I will get really bad grades in school,so I finished highschool and they bought me PS3 on OCT 11th on my birthday and that was so cool.
Main reason why I wanted to get PS3 is because of GTA 5.
So on Saturday I went to the store and I bought it,it was expensive but trust me it's worth it.
First mission was so cool,I was robbing a bank.
After I played 2 missions I decided to play GTA online,I created my character and to be honest he looks so badass.
I just don't know why everyone wants to kill me,I was literally just driving a car and some random guy killed me using sniper,
Few years ago when I played GTA San Andreas I thought that the world was really big but compared to GTA 5 map,it's really small.
Los Santos is so huge and I can't wait to explore entire map.
Funniest thing was when my brother played it,first thing he did was,he went to the strip club and I literally had to leave my room because,you know it would be really awkward.
I'm really excited to play more missions and I can't wait to get little bit more better because I'm trying to improve my skills because last time I played PS2 was maybe 3 years ago and I totally forgot to use joystick,I was a PC guys lol !
Okay guys I really hope you enjoyed this post,I wanted to tell you my  experience in very short post because I literally never read really long post so I hope you liked it.
Until next time,goodbye !

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