Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lifetime goal

Am I the only one who has a lifetime goal list ?
If you don't know what that is,that's a list of things you want to before you die.
There is a lot of things I would like to do,of course I would like to get a job,have a family one day and I just want to have good and successful life.
But for today I want to talk about the goal that is at the top of my list and that is.....I want to visit USA one day.
I live in small country called Bosnia and Hezegovina,I live in capital city called Sarajevo.
Sarajevo is really beautiful but the thing is I don't want to stay here forever.
I'm the person who likes the explore and that means that I would like to travel a lot and a lot of people that I met in my life told me that I look like I don't fit in.
They always told me I look American hahah !

This is Sarajevo,it's beautiful,do you agree ?
People here are so kind,when you ask them something it's like they know you for years.
The thing I hate about them is they are so judgemental,if you wear colorful clothes they will call you gay and I heard that a lot in high school.
They don't like when someone is different from them.
And here I am...Just a regular guy who feels like I belong somewhere else.
First of all I listen a lot of pop music and people don't listen to that kind of music,well some people do.
They love music that's in our language and that's fine I guess.
My biggest wish is to go to a concert of really popular singer but sadly they don't come here because our country is kind of poor and probably I would be only one who would buy a ticket.
So we don't have concerts and we literally don't get to see anything special.
That's why I want to visit USA.
I really want to go to New York,I don't know why but that city is so special for some reason.
I just want to sit in central park and look at the trees and birds and that's it,I would be happiest person ever.
USA is not perfect,and I know it's not.
But there is something special about it that makes me feel so weird inside.
It makes me feel so emotional because there is this thought in back of my head saying that I'll never go there but HEY ! I'm only 19 and entire life is ahead of me.

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Until next time,goodbye !

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