Friday, November 20, 2015

Magic of December

As you know December is just around the corner,can you believe it,2015 is almost over... WOW !
To me December is best month because there is something about it that makes it really special.
First of all,holidays are coming and that is really awesome because I really love holidays. Do you know when holiday spirit starts ? It starts when we see Coca cola holiday commercials on TV ! Ever since I was a little kid I was so obsessed with Coca cola commercials because for some reason they would make me so happy.I mean it's perfect and it's so festive.
I know you don't know it but I am Muslim and we don't celebrate Christmas but I REALLY love it.I live in a city where there is a lot of people of different religion.Before Christmas entire city gets decorated so people could really feel the holiday spirit.One part of Sarajevo gets really transformed,that part of town is called the old town and it looks so different when holiday season starts.They make holiday shops where you can buy holiday themed sweaters,t-shirts,cups and many more stuff and they build carousels and all the other fun things for kids     
    Best thing in the World is when you walk down the street and you walk past the store where they sell hot chocolate.I never tried hot chocolate with marshmallows I really wonder how does it taste like.I have a great idea,I should make my own hot chocolate and I should put some small marshmallows or I should just ask my mom to do it because I'm really bad stuff.                              Okay guys I really hope you enjoyed this really festive post and I really hope you have good holidays.Most important thing is to have fun with your friends and family.Until next time,goodbye !                                                                                 


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