Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Morning without internet

Life without internet would be impossible !
I admit that I am internet addict and my routine is that every morning I go on my computer and check facebook,twitter,tumblr,watch new videos of my favorite youtubers.
This morning was terrible because for some reason internet wasn't working,I was like fine...I'll fix it really fast.
When it comes to fixing stuff I'm really bad.
Every time I tried to open google chrome I got an error saying that there is something wrong with my router but everything looked fine to me.
 It took me 3 hours to fix it and I still don't know what the problem was.
Only thing I had to do is to click and hold one small button in back of my router,I restarted my computer and internet started working again.
I wish you were able to see my face expression,I was so proud of myself and I only clicked little button,but still I figured it out....somehow
That situation made me realise how addicted we are but I really love to see what is happening in the World and I think I can't spend a day without checking whats happening.
I remember when I went to the countryside with my family and there was no wifi....
I was so bored I had no idea what to do but actually I had fun.
I played basketball with my brother and we did a lot of things we never did before.
Knowing that there is no wifi at countryside I decided to get mobile data...that's the best thing I ever did because I can use internet even when there is no wifi around.
I guess old habits die hard.....

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