Friday, November 6, 2015

Music lover

One thing that you have to know about me is that I'm a huge music lover.
Music keeps me going throughout the day and it makes me feel so much better,so for today I have decided to show you my cd collection and if you don't know some of the albums that I have I will tell you everything about them.

ARTPOP is Lady Gaga album and I love everything about it.

Even though it wasn't that successful as her previous albums,it had huge impact in pop culture.
Lady Gaga had really hard time in 2013 and she couldn't promote it and she couldn't do what she wanted because of her record label.
One thing that I really love about this album is that she experienced with different sounds.
If you never heard this album you should and you will love it.
My favorite song from the album is Gypsy.

  Oh my God let's talk about this album !     
I will describe this album in one word...EPIC.
Lady Gaga literally changed her fans lives.
Message behind this album is amazing.
Just be yourself,be strong,be happy...That's what I learned.
Best song from this album is Hair.
That song made me feel good about myself and it made me really happy,you should listen to it                                                                              

Lady Gaga's first album...album that changed her life.
When you listen to this album there is just no way that you will just sit,you will start dancing so crazy and you won't stop until the very last song.
And this is actually album that made me fall in love with her,so that means I love her since the start of her career .
My favorite song from this one is paparazzi 

To be honest I thought that I will never listen to Lana del rey.
When this album was released I was like let's buy it and maybe I'll like it.
When I heard first song (Born to die) I felt I went to another dimension and I listened to entire album in just one sitting and because of this album I fell in love with Lana.
My favorite song from this one is....ummm Summertime Sadness

This is Lana's ''dark'' album and this is also my favorite Lana album,her voice is so powerfull and so strong and so mystical.
Am I the only one who actually really loves dark themed albums ? 
My favorite song from this one is Florida Kilos.

Ahhh my queen...Cher !
Everything about her is amazing,she's so talented and this album will show you how awesome she is.
The sound of all songs is unique.
My favorite song is Alive again.

Cher's rock album is one of the best things I ever heard in my life,her voice is so powerful and amazing.
This album makes me want to wear leather jacket and play electric guitar LOL !
Best song from this album is I found someone

Beyonce's first solo album,and it's amazing.
What can I say Beyonce is one of the best singers and there is nothing bad to say about her,but to be honest this is not my favorite album I like 4 the most :)
Best song from this album is Crazy in love

My all time favorite Rihanna album.
She did really good job on this one and I love all songs from it.
Can we just say how amazing she looks on the cover :O
My favorite song from this one is   S&M.

This was the first album from American singer that I ever got in 2007.
That year was so crazy for me,I was so obsessed with her.
This album is really awesome.
My favorite song is Don't stop the music.

I had to save best for the end !
This was really expensive and I got it for my birthday.
This collection has Born this way album,official remix of the album and Monster ball tour DVD.
I swear I literally watched that DVD million times and to be honest that was her best tour.
And if you're little monster and you don't have it you should totally get it.
It's cheap now,you can get it on ebay 

 If you read everything thank you so much.I really hope you liked this post.
Be free to comment,I will reply to everyone.
Until next time,goodbye !

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