Friday, November 27, 2015

November favorites

November is almost over and I just had to write this because I bought a lot of stuff that I fell in love with.I can't promise I will do this all the time,we'll see.
Let's get started !

1. Vitamin C effervescent tablets

I'm the person who gets ill all the time and that is terrible because I hate when I have stuffy nose,sore throat,headache and I just hate being in my bed entire day.
Vitamin C effervescent tablets are just perfect,I drink them once a day.
This will make your metabolism really strong so you won't get sick fast,which is great.

2.  Playboy #generation 24h deodorant body spray 

Oh my God,I just LOVE this product.
When it comes to Playboy deodorants I love all of them,they all smell so good.
I'm not a fan of REALLY strong deodorants and this one is not strong at all.
Good thing is,it lasts really long,I noticed that for some reason when I use it I sweat a lot less,I don't know maybe that's just me

3. Pull&Bear potion for man ( eau de toilette 100ml ) 

I bought this just because I loved the package,but it smells like heaven.
It was only $15 which is not expensive for 100ml bottle.
Trust me it's worth it and even though it's  toilette it lasts really long.
I really don't know how would I describe the smell so I will write down the ingredients


I'm a huge tea lover and I love to taste different kinds of tea all the time.
So I found really strage one in the store and it's amazing

4. Dragon fruit & lime tea

I always wanted to taste dragon fruit but sadly I can't find it anywhere here in my city and that sucks but I found dragon fruit tea haha !
I thought it was going to have really strong/tropical taste but at the end it just tastes like regular strawberry tea lol !

5. Scented candle ( apple & cinnamon )

I am obsessed with scented candles and I buy them all the time,I just love the smell of them.
My favorite one is apple & cinnamon.
Apple & cinnamon is my all time favorite combination and I just can't resist it.
I even drink apple & cinnamon tea.

6. GTA 5 PS3

As I said,in October my parents bought me PS3 for my birthday and I was so happy.
I was saving my money and I bought GTA 5 and I was so excited because I'm huge GTA fan.
This game is like everything,it's so fun to play and you can do a lot of stuff.

7. Jumper

I just love this jumper,it's so comfortable and I wear it all the time.
Cold days are here and this jumper helps me to stay really warm.
It wasn't expensive,I think it was about $50

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you enjoyed this post.
Until next time,goodbye !

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  1. Nice post, I like your jump, where did you buy?
    I live in Brazil, and I find your blog on Google+.

    1. Thank you for your comment,I got the jumper in the store called KOTON and I'm not sure if they have a store in Brazil