Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The truth behind instagram

You can't deny that instagram is not fun social networking site and I've been using instagram for really long time and I really like it.
You can see a lot of really cool,artistic photos but mostly you'll see a lot of selfies and a lot of photos of food.
Few days ago I  read a story about this girl,she was a model and really popular on social networking sites.
She said that her photos are not like they look,people don't know story behind them.
I have to say I agree with her,that perfect photo is just one moment in someones life but no one knows how actually that person feels inside.
Even though she is popular on instagram and no matter how happy she looked in those photos,no one knew that she hated doing that.
She literally became like someones puppet,all those famous brands were using her to promote their clothes so those photos were just ''commercials''
Because she was so brave to tell entire world about her photos and I will say truth behind my photos.
Sometimes I would just take a selfie and I look very happy but the truth is I was probably sad that day and that picture would make me feel better about myself because I would get a lot of likes.
But why would some strangers like me,most important thing is that I love myself,and it's important to love your flaws.
Mostly my pictures are real,but sometimes I would use a lot of effects and people would think that photo is real and flawless but it's not.
Let's take this photo as an exemple,I took it last night and look how amazing the sky looks.
But the truth is there is a lot of effects here,original photo was cool too but the sky was just red,but here you can see blue,purple,red...
What did you learn today ? Social networking sites are fake 

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