Monday, November 23, 2015

The Walking Dead 6x07 Recap : Heads up


Latest episode of The walking dead was a bomb !
We finally got to see what happened to Glenn,twitter was exploding about rumors if Glenn is alive or not.

Back in episode 3 Glenn and Nicholas were surrounded by walkers and they had no where to go,they climbed on the dumbster and Nicholas decided to kill himself so he and Glenn fell down.
I remember I started crying and when I watched the scene again I noticed that ''Glenn's'' t-shirt is different.
And now we finally got to see what happened,a lot of people were right.
Walkers were eating Nicholas and I'm totally fine with that.
Glenn is so smart ! He crawled under the dumpster and he survived.

Enid found Glenn and now they are coming back home together,even though they were arguing they are good team.
I feel like Glenn acts like her big brother and he just wants to keep her safe,and she will see that soon..I hope.

Back in Alexandria,Spencer tried to be a hero so he tried to use that rope to go outside the walls so he can distract walkers.
He kind of failed !

He fell down on the ground and I really thought he would die !

Luckily Tara was there to kill few walkers so he could climb

Can we just talk about that Carol will probably find out that Morgan is hiding one member of Wolves in the room,I mean you don't want to mess with her

I totally forgot to write about that Ron is going to try to kill Carl.
I don't know if he's going to do it but everybody knows Carl gets shot in the eye in the comics

After their long trip Glenn and Enid are finally back in Alexendria,well almost.
They have to do something about those walkers at the walls.

Best scene was when Maggie saw those balloons,she knows that's a sign from Glenn.
Also those balloons in the sky means the everything is fine

Highlight of this episode was when that tower fell down and destroyed the wall and that means all those walkers will get in.

To be honest I'm really scared for them,I don't know how will they survive but I just know they will because they always find a way to survive.
I just know mid season finale is going to be mind blowing.
I really hope you enjoyed this post,until next time goodbye!

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