Wednesday, November 25, 2015


As you know holidays are coming,yay !
I am really excited about it and I am excited about all the food that I am going to eat and that's kind of a problem.
Right now I am trying to eat healthy but during the holidays that is impossible,but hey I found a way.
Let's start with the tips right now 

1. Drink a lot of water

Drinking water is really important !
Chances are good you’ll be having some alcohol, and some sugar, and maybe some other things that aren’t a part of your normal daily diet.  There will also be temptation to have more around every corner.
So listen to me,drink 8 cups of water before  you get into the festivities, get nice and hydrated so that your body won’t confuse thirst with hunger, causing you to eat a bit more than you might really need/want.  And then after dinner/dessert, have a cup of ginger tea to help you digest!Ginger tea is really good and really delicious.
After you drink a cup of tea,give your system a break from food until next day.
Really important thing is that next day try to eat healthy and avoid temptation to have the leftover pie!

2.  Limit yourself to a plate

I remember when I was a little kid after I finished eating and my plate was empty I still keep putting food on it.
I literally had no control over my body and I wouldn't stop eating until I get stomach ache.
Now after I'm done eating I simply say NO to the second round haha !

3. Choose a dessert

At my family holiday parties there is always 4-5 different dessert options.
My advice is don't try everything,choose one cake that you really like and that's it because you really don't want A LOT of sugar in you body.
If you like other cakes but you don't try them I have a solution.
Find the recipe and make it yourself after the holidays are over.

4. Practice Mindfulness

This one is really important because holidays are not just about all the food.
It's about spending your time with your family and friends.
Focus on connecting with the people you love and being grateful for what this life is.  Let the food and drinks accompany that.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and I really hope this will help you out.
Until next time,goodbye !

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