Monday, November 30, 2015

Volunteering for red cross - my experience

When I finished highschool I had no idea what to do,I had so many options and I didn't know what to choose.
Throughout entire highschool I wanted to volunteer for red cross.
One reason why I didn't do it is because I was bullied a lot so I had a problem talking and meeting new people.
But since highschool is over I started to be a new person,I decided to join red cross.
I joined red cross 5 months ago and that was my best decision that I could ever make.
One day before my first activity I was so nervous because I haven't met anyone before but luckily my friend from elementary school was volunteering too and that was such a relief.
My first red cross activity was celebrating SOS center's birthday,if you don't know what's SOS center that's a institute where kids without parents live.
When I got there I was so shocked because all volunteers were so excited to see me because I was someone new.
We randomly started talking and I felt like I have known them for years.
Birthday party started and our leader told us what to do.
Me and few others had to take a lot of chalks and we had to draw something with the kids on the concrete.

After that activity I went to more activities of course :)

There was this one activity that left huge impact on me.
People were donating blood at the mall and we were helping them and we were talking with them and that was such a great experience.
Did you know if only one person donates blood he/she can save three lives ! 
Of course I had to take a picture to remember that day forever

When I wear that t-shirt I feel so powerful and I feel so special.
Now I have to ask you,have you ever been volunteering anywhere ?
If you did write down what did you did in the comment section.
Thank you so much for reading this post.
Until next time,goodbye !

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  1. Love the energy and completely agree that there is nothing more special than helping others. To answer your question I regularly help give out meals and donate blood at least once a year. Keep sharing your light my Friend!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and thank you for helping other people that's very kind of you :)