Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Worst Summer vacation ever !

I was playing playstation and  something really funny comes on my mind,and it was so random.
For some reason I started thinking about 2012 summer vacation,and guys trust me,it was such a mess.
I went to the seaside with my family,we went to this beautiful city called Zaostrog

Zaostrog is very beautiful city in Croatia and I've been there few times,I even went there on school vacation and it was awesome.
3 years ago my parents were like ''we should go to Zaostrog,we have a feeling it's going to be really awesome''.
That year summer was really hot and I mean it, it was hot as hell.
The thing you have to know about me is that me and summer don't go together,I love fall and winter.
Our journey started around 5 AM ! I mean that's fine with me because I'm a morning person but still that is so early.
We put all of our stuff in the car and we were good to go.
It took us 4 hours to get there ! It was really hot in the car I literally felt like I was a chicked traped in a stove.
When we got there first thing we had to do was to find our hotel.
When we found it I was like finally,I just want to lay in my bed.
This is the hotel we stayed in
It looks fine to you ? If you said yes trust me you are so wrong.
When we got inside it felt like I was in prison because walls were grey...not white but really really grey !
I was like ok...I have to calm down maybe our room is perfect and guess what,it was a hell on earth.
It looked like a prison cell,there was no TV,there was no air conditioning,no balcony and guess what we only had one small window.
I thought it was going to be perfect but sadly it was FAR from perfect.
Only thing I liked about this hotel is food.The food was actually really good,we ate a lot of traditional Croatian food and it was delicious.
Let's talk about the beach....it was like heaven ! The sea is so beautiful,it's blue and transparent it was magical.
Little piece of paradise
As I said at the beggining of this post,summer of 2012 was really hot.
To be honest I haven't been feeling good because climate in Croatia is really different from Bosnian climate.
My family and I weren't feeling good so we decided to leave 2 days earlier.
Before we got home we decided to visit small city in Bosnia called Jablanica and you can see pictures below.

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Until next time,goodbye !

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