Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Craziest Sunday ever / I met....

Let's talk about the craziest Sunday in my life,it was so amazing and so overwhelming.
I just love spending my day with my family and my relatives,my mom's birthday was on 1st of December but she had no time to go out with her sisters (my aunts) so on Sunday we decided to hang out.
We went to this beautiful café/restaurant called four seasons and it's simply the best.
One reason why I liked it so much because it was so festive,there were decorations everywhere and there was so many amazing christmas trees.
I haven't seen my aunts and my cousin in a while so we talked and laughed a lot,I just love those small things.It's funny how just talking and laughing make your day so much better and that's awesome.
As I said my mom haven't seen them on her birthday so they gave her presents on Sunday and she literally got so many stuff she was barely carrying the stuff but of course I helped her.
But now let's talk about the craziest thing that happened that day.
Last week one youtuber from Serbia said she will come to Sarajevo to promote her book.
I was like that's awesome,funny thing is that my mom decided to go to the mall where Zorannah was promoting her book.
When we got there there was a huge line and I said ain't nobody got time for that.
We decided to leave the café,I told my cousin if she wants to go the book store to see if Zorannah is still there.
I saw that nobody was there and I was like ok,who cares I will see her next time.
Few moments later my cousin was like is that Zorannah (she had no idea who she was),I was like OMG yes that's her.
Zorannah was walking out of the store and I was like ''Hi Zorannah may I take a picture with you'' she was like ''of course you can''.
Then I said ''Hi nice to meet you'',and she shakes my hand and she says ''well nice to meet you,I'm Zorannah''.
Thank God my cousin was there so she took the picture.I was so happy that we didn't take a selfie because quality of iPhone 4s front camera is not the greatest.
She tooked the picture and later I realised I look terrible hahaha
I became so anxious because she was celebrity but at the end of the day she is a normal person like everyone else.
When I told my mom that I came up to Zorannah she was really shocked because she knows I get really anxious when I need to meet new people.
I think thanks to that I will beat my anxiety,I mean come one I came up to most popular person on Balkan and all of her friends were there with her.
 I can speak with celebrity but I have a huge problem meeting regular people ? Something is probably wrong with me lol.
Here's the photo of Zorannah and me :)

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  1. Meeting with celebrity is often exciting. But often we don't get much time to interact well and take photos with them. You're indeed lucky. You met her during leisurely Sunday.

    Sherab Tenzin
    (from Bhutan)

    1. I had no idea that she would talk to me or anything like that,she was down to earth :) Thank you for reading :)