Thursday, December 24, 2015

Helping kids in need

Few weeks ago I wrote a post about my red cross volunteering experience.
I've been volunteering since June and that was my life changing experience.
There were so many days when I came back home and my heart would break in million pieces.
You have no idea how lucky we are,we have roof over our head and we have meal every day.
Holidays are here,everyone loves to spend their time with their family.
Here in my city there is a lot of kids whose parents can't afford gifts.
That's why Red cross is going to help them.
Maybe one month ago out volunteers collected a lot of snacks,candy,toys...
Yesterday we were making new year gifts for them.
There was 12 volunteers and it took us 1.5 hours to pack all stuff.
We made maybe 120 presents for kids who are on public kitchen list.
That means we will make 120 kids happy.
On Tuesday we are having a party,we are going to hang out with those kids and I'm so excited.
Don't be selfish,think about others.
Help people who need help.
Thank you so much for reading this post.
Until next time,goodbye

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