Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How to edit blog photos

Hello everybody !
Today I wanted to talk about how to edit blog photos,I want to show you how you don't need professional photo camera to take good pictures.
The phone that I'm using for taking photos is iPhone 4s,the camera is pretty decent.

1.Take a photo 

2.Use an app called snapseed ( google play / iTunes )

3.Search through effects to see what you want to use

In this app you can do a lot of things,best thing is that the app is free ! yay

4.Use tonal contrast 

5.Use HDR scape 

When you enter HDR scape you get few options.If you are taking a selfie use people,it will look awesome

6.Change brightness

7.Use details

This effect is my favorite because the photo looks better with it but don't use it too much.
21 is enough for this photo.
8.Use vignette

Vignette is going to create black circle on the edges of the photo

The final look :

I admit it's not perfect but I took this photo really quick just to use it as an example.

You should try this app,as I said it's free.
Thank you for reading.
Until next time,goodbye !

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