Thursday, December 3, 2015

Online Tarot reading got me scared

Few days ago I watched Shane Dawson and Colleen Ballinger doing tarot reading and they said it was really accurate.
I was like I should try it out,so I typed online tarot reading on google and I found one really spooky site lol.
First it said I had to read ''instructions'' and in the middle of the page there was a card deck.
I clicked the deck and it started shuffling.
I got three cards,one for the past,present and the future.
Reason why I  was so shocked is because it was SO accurate.
I know I got random cards,but they were kind of true.
For past I got a card that means that I was lonely and I had some kind of problems.
That was actually really true,I was lonely and I had health issues and at the end it said things will get better and everything is fine at the moment,wow !
The present card was REALLY accurate.
It said that I don't know what to do with my life right now,I have a lot of decisions to make.
That is true because I finished highschool few months ago and I decided not to go to college this year but maybe next.
I'm so scared because I have no idea what to do with my life but future card got me really happy and scared at the same time.
The future card is called five of wands.

 This card means that my life is going to change A LOT.
It means I will be really successful at something,I could get a good job or something like that.
A lot of people would be really jealous at me but I will be the one who wins.
One thing that I really liked is that I will be dealing with people from different cultures and backgrounds and it said that will be really weird for me because I didn't get used to that
That makes sense because I live in small country and I never traveled far away and maybe being around people from different cultures would be weird at the beginning but I would get used to it.

If all this happens my life will be cool...I guess.
I'm the person who doesn't trust these kind of things and I mean I haven't been at real tarot card reader lol.
Do you guys believe in tarot or any kind of psychic readings ?
If you had any experiences comment down below,I want to know :)
Until next time,goodbye.

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