Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The walking dead mid season finale Review/Recap

Can you believe  first part of season 6 is over ? Well I can't.
Last episode of 2015 was so scary and I was on the edge of my seat entire time.

As you know the tower fell down and it destroyed the wall.This scene was amazing.
There was dust everywhere and all of a sudden we saw A LOT of walkers coming in.

Everyone started panicking and they started running and I was so scared for Maggie because she almost fell down from that platform.

Rick and others got into the house.
On their way Deanna got injured.They found out that she was bitten.

Carl and Ron had a huge fight,Ron wanted to kill Carl.

Walkers heard them and they got into the house and that's when everyone started panicking so bad.

This scene was SO scary because I thought Deanna became a walker and I thought she killed Judith.
Thank God,she was still alive.

In 7th episode we saw that Carol found out Morgan was hiding someone in that room.
She wanted to kill the wolf but Morgan didn't let her do it.

Meanwhile at the other house,Rick used his old ''technique''.They will cover their body with walker blood and guts so they could get out of the house.

Next scene was a fight scene,Carol VS Morgan LOL !
Honestly Morgan became my least favorite character.

That guy got a chance to leave and he decided to take Denise with him.
I hope she won't die because I like her.
Michonne tells Deanna they are leaving the house and she wanted to shoot her before she turns.
Deanna tells her that she will do it.

Deanna wanted to kill herself but she heared walkers and she started shooting at them.
I hope they won't eat her but at the same time I don't want to see her as a walker,that would be really sad.

Rick and others got out of the house and this moment was amazing and so scary.

Everything was fine until Sam started calling his mom.
If you read the comics you'll know something really bad is going to happen.

We finally got to see saviours and they mentioned Negan,OH MY GOD !
I really don't know what I will do without The walking dead,February should come faster.
Now tell me your thoughts about mid season finale !
Thank you for reading,until next time,goodbye !

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