Monday, December 7, 2015

Video games that made my childhood better

One thing you need to know about me is that I love video games.
I fell in love with them since I was a little kid,thank God my parents loved them too so I played new games all the time.
I played games on various consoles  and to be honest when I was a little kid I had no idea what were they called.
I just remember I had old sega consoles,I had gameboy but my all time favorite console is playstation.
My first memories are when I played super mario with my parents,I remember I loved that game and I know all of you played it.
I was so scared of those castles,they were so creepy.

My favorite ''old'' game was when  you had to shoot ducks,I remember I had a plastic gun and I was pointing it at the tv and every time I miss the duck that cute dogs shows up and he starts laughing.

My gaming experience became serious when my parents bought me playstation 1 and I remember that was best day of my life,I was smiling from ear to ear and I just couldn't hide my happiness.
We spent a lot of money on games but they were so cheap here in my country and I remember I had A LOT of them
First game I played was Resident evil 3 and guys,that game literally was best game I have ever played,it was so scary that I even had zombie dreams but I still kept playing the game.

Also I found out about other resident evil games so I bought them and I played them for years.

When I played resident evil 3 I was 5 or 6 and I swear I remember every detail of the game.
I know that my brother and I were obsessed with power rangers and when I found out that there were power rangers video games I was so happy I could die.

I actually played them few months ago on my computer ( I was using emulator ) and that brought me back so many happy memories.

I remember when I played those games I felt like I was a power ranger and I really were into those games.
But my all time favorite playstation 1 games were Crash bandicoot games.
I played all CB games and I remember there were some days that my brother and I  wouldn't get out of the house.

Let's be honest everyone LOVED Tomb raider series,I can't believe I almost forgot to mention them.
I played all TB games and I still love them.

Resident evil and Tomb raider left huge impact on my life,I still play new games that come out.
The thing is they are still great,new Tomb raider is awesome and Resident evil 6 is awesome too.
What are your best gaming memories ?
I would love to hear about them so be  free to comment.
Until next time,goodbye !
Oh and also down below are photos of the games that I played but I haven't mentioned

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