Monday, December 14, 2015

Why I hated High school

For me high school was a hell,it's been 7 months since I graduated and right now I can't be happier.
Freshman year was the worst thing that ever happened to me.
When I arrived to school I literally haven't knew anyone in my class,well  I only knew one person.
Everything was like a movie,there were shy kids,there were annoying guys who were flirting with girls and there was me.
I was really shy but I instantly realised I was different from other boys.
Some guys were shy and quiet at the beginning and some of them were bullies.
There were some days that I really didn't want to go to school,I just wanted to stay home.
One reason why I was bullied all the time is that I was really quiet and shy and I didn't want to fight or argue with anyone,so they realised that I won't do anything and they continued doing it.
I felt like I couldn't take it anymore,so one day I had awesome conversation with my former friend.
She told me that they are nothing but a bunch of insecure brats who only bully shy and quite people and they don't want to bully someone who is stronger than them.
I decided to completely change my life,I changed who I was but in a good way.
Something really weird happened to me,I wasn't shy anymore and I became really talkative and every time those bullies said something I would start arguing with them.
After two years of bullying they realised that I became tough so they just stopped.
They never said anything bad about me so I guess I won.
Let's forget those irrelevant people and let's continue with my ''why I hated high school list''


My high school wasn't that hard,I went to electrical engineering high school and some subjects were really hard.
We had a lot of homework,there were so many days that I had no time to do something fun like playing video games,go out,watch tv.
Worst thing is when you spend entire day thinking that you don't have any homework and you realise that you have to do math homework at 10PM,that sucks.

2.Popular girls

All guys can relate to this,we all met those ''popular'' girls who literally don't want to look at you.
I tried to talk to them,I didn't liked them but I just wanted to talk to them as friend.
They are so terrible,they would make fun of me.
So if you're one of these girls,please change because you will probably make someone really sad or angry.

3.Waking up early in the morning

There is one thing that I will not miss and that is waking up really early.
I'm a morning person but waking up at 6:30AM every single day is just terrible.
When I wake up I literally don't know if I should go to the bathroom to brush my teeth or I should kill myself.


Personally tests were hardest part of high school because for some reason they scare me a lot.
I just hate the atmosphere in the classroom,it's really quiet and the professor is looking at you like you stole something.

5.Bad professors

Everyone had at least one professor  they hated so much.
We had a professor who was always drunk and when he was talking you could literally  smell alcohol.
I almost failed math because of him,he wasn't patient and he literally never thought me anything so I had to practice math with my older brother.
How the hell he wasn't fired,I found out that he's still working.

6.Annoying classmates

We all met those kind of people and they are just terrible.
I met this guy who was really annoying,I wanted to slap thim everytime I see him.
He was a prankster but he was disgusting prankster.
He use to make small paper balls and he would spit into them and he would throw them on us.
One time I had a bad day and he did that so I took my notebook and I threw it at him and I instantly felt so much better (true story).

If you are reading this and you are still in high school you should know that it's not going to last forever and you need to know that things always get better.
What are your bad high school memories ? Write them down in the comments.
Until next time,goodbye.

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