Friday, January 1, 2016

Ebooks VS paper books

Welcome to my first 2016 post,wow that's so crazy.
I had such a great time with my family yesterday,it was so fun.
But you don't want to read about that because we have something more interesting.
We have a battle : Ebooks VS paper books
With the advance of phones,tablets and Ereaders,ebooks have become really popular.

Ebooks are more accessible

Ebooks can be read anywhere,it's really easy to get them.
You just go online and uhmm,well you buy them with just few clicks.
Let's say you are going on a vacation.
You really don't want to bring like five huge books.
They take a lot of space but with ebooks you can have hundreds of books in just one small tablet.
Bad thing is electronics get stolen and trust me,no one will steal paper book.

Nothing can replace paper books

Yes I said it,I love paper books more.
There is something more special,I love the smell of brand new books.
Also turning pages feels better.
For some reason when I read Ebook for long time I get terrible headache and my eyes start to hurt so bad.
Paper books are more expensive but they are worth it.

What is your opinion ? Ebooks VS paper books ?
Let me know in the comments

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  1. I have to say paper books, e-books logically are better, but there's just nothing like getting a physical paper book in your hands is there? :)

    1. Nothing can replace paper books,I love everything about them haha ! Thanks for reading :)