Monday, January 4, 2016

First day of 2016

Hello everybody and happy new year.
I hope you had good time with your friends and family.
Being surrounded by your loved ones is amazing.
For me celebrating new year is hard because I always go to sleep around 9:30PM.
This year I fell asleep at 3AM,I haven't been sleepy at all,which is great.
Craziest thing is I woke up at 8AM.
My parents decided that we should go on a short family trip.
We went to the country side,I'm a city guy and everything felt weird.
It was like super cold and there was snow everywhere.
We have vacation house there and it was really warm and awesome.
Also I had small photoshoot there,I wanted to do photo post for really long time and here it is.
I don't know how it turned out but I really like it,enjoy the photos.

I hope you enjoyed my new post,I'm so excited to continue my blogging journey in 2016 and I hope a lot of you will join me.
Until next time,goodbye

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