Monday, January 18, 2016

I hate reality shows

It was Sunday night and I had nothing to do.
I was like ''let's watch E!'' , to be honest I never watch that channel.
That Sunday night was so boring so I had to do something.
Of course Keeping up with the Kardashians was on.
Personaly I think they are so irrelevant,that's why I never watched them.
Throughout entire episode I was saying ''I don't want to live on this planet anymore'' , the show is so pointless.
I don't hate them or anything like that but they are trying too hard to become even more popular.
To me show seems so fake,I have a feeling they are laughing and hugging each other because cameras are there.
I guess that's show business...
One thing I said to my brother was that I could never do that.
I have a feeling Kardashians are good people but they have to do what their producer is telling them or the show will be cancelled.
They are just puppets,or maybe they love to do that,I have no idea.
Is that what reality shows are all about ?
Scripted or fake situations ?
My mom and I were talking about shows that were amazing years ago and we realised that TV changed a lot.
We noticed TV program became bad,but I admit there are some really great shows.
But let's get back to main topic,reality shows.
They wouldn't make them if no one is watching.
I guess there is a lot of people who find them entertaining,to me they are not fun at all.
I love Big brother,I love it because regular people are there.
It's awesome because they give money to them and not to celebrities who are already rich.

What are your thoughts about this topic ?
Are you a reality show fan ?
Let me know in the comments.
Until next time,goIodbye !
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