Friday, January 22, 2016

My first eBook

After really long time I decided to do this.
Writing my own ebook was something I wanted to do really bad,one reason is I always quit when I want something but this time I decided to reach my goal.
At the beggining I had no idea what to write,there was a huge chaos in my head because I had million ideas.
I didn't know if I should write fictional story or should I write a story based on my life.
After few days of thinking I decided to write about my journey on social networking sites.
I'm not a fan of really long books so I decided to write a book that is only 10 pages long but it's full of funny and personal stories.
Writing book for the first time is very hard but somehow I got so much inspiration in my head and I finished it.
I'm not a professional writer,I decided to write a book that is like a really long blog post.
At first I thought that was impossible,I never wrote a book,I wanted to do that so bad.
I spent few days on my computer constantly writing,I really enjoyed the process,it was really fun to do because that's not something you get to do all the time.
Writing a book is really special to me because that is one step closer to reaching my goal.
Becoming professional bloger/writer would be awesome,it's something that I really love to do,it's really fun.
Few days ago I decided to completely change my blog design,my first design was ok but it wasn't really professional looking.
I found a theme that looks perfect,name of my blog is huge and everyone can see it.
When I was visiting blogs from other people they had a pop up that says enter your email to get notification when new content is published.
I had no idea how to do it but somehow I found the way and it looks so cool.
It's only beggining of 2016 and I already did so many great things.
My blog is slowly growing,more than 7000 people checked it out,AVON sent a message saying they want to have partnership with me.
They asked me for my informations but they still haven't say anything,I'm hoping I will hear from them soon.
Oh yeah,I wrote my first ebook,that sounds funny.
At first I wanted to sell book for $0.99 but later I decided it should be free.
If you are interested in reading my book (you can read it in one sitting),I will leave the link at the end of this post.
 It will mean a lot to me if you could let me know what you think.
If you like it maybe I'll write another one.
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