Monday, February 1, 2016


January 23rd 2016
My mom and I have our some kind of tradition,every Saturday we would go somewhere and do something together.
We decided to go somewhere that we go maybe once or twice a year,I really missed that place so I said we should go there.
That part of the city is called old town and it's really beautiful because it's like you're not at the same city,it's so different from part of the city where I live.
I'm surrounded by buildings and tall skyscrapers,there is some trees in front of my building but not too much.
It's really loud,cars are everywhere and I really needed to go somewhere where is little bit more quite.
That Saturday was really cold and I wasn't sure if we should go because I'm the person who gets sick so fast and that is so annoying,but at the end I said yes.
I asked my friend Siri what is the weather going to be that day and she said it's going to be really sunny,I wasn't sure that's going to be true because that morning was so cloudy and it was super cold.
Guess what ? My girl Siri was totally right,while we were getting ready to leave it got really Sunny and I was so happy,but it was still cold though.
I wish you could see my silly outfit,I wore warmest jumper ever and I wore huge warm jacket that you usually wear when you go to the mountains but I really didn't want to get sick because lying in bed 24/7 is worst thing ever.
Before we got there we went shopping,that was worst idea ever,we spent maybe two hours at the mall so my legs started to hurt really bad,I was so tired.
I still don't know how I managed to walk after that shopping spree,we finally got to our destination.
It was really sunny,I was so happy and nothing could ruin my perfect day.
First thing I saw was frozen river.I mean it,entire river was frozen.

You could literally ice skate there,I never did that so I would probably break my arms and legs.

We were there for maybe 2 hours and we walked so much,you have no idea how much my legs felt numb,I thought I was going to crawl back to my home.
Thank God my new boots are not too heavy.
When I got home I was sitting dressed and still in my boots in the midle of my hallway.
I wasn't able to take my boots off so my brother helped me and I was finally able to get up.
What do you think what was the first thing I did ? I took a really long nap.
I was sleeping for 2.5 hours,yup that's right.
It would be awesome if you could tell me when was the last time when you were so tired so you couldn't walk,I would love to read your story.
Until next time,goodbye !

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