Monday, February 29, 2016

How to have hope in a broken world

Over the weekend I was watching the news and there were some really bad and stressful news.
Worst thing I saw was a video of a man setting himself on fire,yes that is so scary,there was some kind of protest and he decided to do that.
That video was so disturbing,I wish I haven't seen it,but I did and I still think about it.
There was a lot of people there and they helped him and thanks to them he survived.
It's so sad that he did that,he did it because he was poor,he didn't have money to feed he's family and my country never helped him.
As I said I can't stop thinking about it,the world is undoubtedly broken -- mass shootings, war, heartbreak, and pain but I think there is hope.
I was thinking about this a lot,how to have hope in a broken world ?
We have to have hope. Without it, it's much too easy to be overtaken by negativity. Without hope, we'll live forever in the darkness, never noticing that light slanting across even the darkest of times.

Notice kindness in others. With all the negativity in the media, it's can be hard to believe people are actually good. But they are. Look around and identify the kind acts you see. Pay attention to the doors being held, the favors being done, the smiles being shared. Make a list if you can. In every day, there is kindness, goodness -- you just have to look for it. Choosing to notice the good will make you feel hopeful and will remind you that, in spite of the darkness, there are little glimpses of light. 

Be grateful for this life. Cliche as it is, the old "every day is a gift" saying rings with truth. Tragedies like the one that took place over the weekend remind us of life's uncertainty. We really don't know what day will be our last. Now, before you let that idea bum you out, make the choice to see it in a positive light. The unexpectedness of life should not cause you fear; instead, it should inspire you to be thankful for every day, every moment, you're alive. Each moment is a opportunity and to realize that is to have hope.

Avoid negative-only news. Most news sources focus primarily on the negative things that have happened over a course of a day. It's important to stay well-informed, but it's just as important not to let the news suck all the hope from your life. If you must watch/read the news, supplement it with some positive news.Seeking out positive news stories and focusing on them will encourage a sense of hopefulness, a belief that goodness really is out there (even if we have to look a little harder for it). 

Be enthusiastic about life. The more you love about your life, the more hope you'll have. If you enjoy what you do, who you're around, and how you feel about yourself, you'll be much more hopeful when faced with negativity. Make an effort to be enthusiastic about life. Spend time doing what you love. Spend time with people you love. The things that matter most to you are the things that will help you embrace hope when times are tough; these are the things that will inspire you to believe in the good. 

Even after few days I still feel really sad,but I know there is still hope.
I know things will get better in the future.
Hope shines its light in even the darkest corners. Hope is essential to living a positive life, to believing that, in spite of all this chaos and pain, there is goodness. Hope is not always easy to hang on to; like light slanting through a window, it's not something we can easily grasp. But we must do what we can to hold on to it -- to believe it in.
Thank you so much for reading.
Until next time,goodbye !

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