Friday, February 19, 2016


You know that feeling when you are really tired and only thing you want to do is sleep ? And for some reason you can't fall asleep at all ?
That is worst feeling ever,and of course that happened to me and it was so terrible.
Two days ago I was hanging out with my friends and we had so much fun,I was really tired,I came back home around 4PM.
As I said I was really tired,I wanted to take a nap but I didn't.
I'm the person who goes to sleep at 9PM and that's what I do for years.
Because I was so tired I thought I was going to fall asleep in few seconds but I didn't.
Suddenly I got terrible headache and high what a great night for me.
At 1AM I decided to make a tea because I thought I was going to fall asleep easily after I drink it and of course that did not happen.
I was sweating so much,my headache was killing me and I really thought I was going to die (well not really).
After 3 hours of hell,around 4AM I fell asleep...somehow.
I really thought I was going to sleep for really long time but no,I woke up at 6AM so I was only sleeping for 2 hours.
Trust me,that is not enough sleep for me.
Thank God yesterday I fell asleep really easily,I had no problems and that was really awesome.
I could finally sleep normally.

After this experience I really hope this is not going to happen any time soon.

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