Friday, February 5, 2016

Life as a young blogger

November 6th,2015.I decided to start a new chapter in my life.
Blogging was something I planned for really long time but for some reason I've never done it.
Internet is a huge place,there is thousands bloggers who are blogging for years.
They are older than me and a lot more experienced than me.
After few weeks of reading and checking out other blogs,I realised most of those bloggers blog for money.
That really doesn't bother me because earning money for doing what you love is great.
All those bloggers are so professional and then there is me.
I wasn't familiar with blogging but there was nothing I get to lose.
When I started my blogging journey I knew I don't want to blog like everyone else.
My main goal was to reach out to people,main goal was to write something so people could feel like they are talking with their best friend.
At the beggining I wanted to publish new post every single day and that was so hard for me so I decided to post on Monday and Friday.
That is perfect because I have more time to promote my new content.
For some reason my life changed,not too much but now I spend a lot of time writing and I really enjoy that.
I'm super excited to see what does the future holds for me.
Mostly I'm excited to gain more experience,I want to get better and better.
As I said my life became different.
Trust me,I'm into this 100% because every single day when I want to come up with new ideas I get so happy.
I try to write fun posts so I could make someone happy.
This blog is a place where you can only feel positive energy and happiness.
One thing you need to know is when I publish new post that post wasn't written on that day,it was probably written few days ago.
In one day I write maybe 3 or 4 posts and I publish them in upcoming weeks.
At the beggining of this post I said there is a lot of bloggers out there and trust me I only read few blogs.
If you want me to visit your blog just tell me in the comments.
For me when other bloggers support each other means they will make better content because you know there is someone like you who is supporting you in what you do.
I really hope you enjoyed this post because I enjoyed writing it.
There is a lot of posts that I will publish so stay tuned.
Until next time,goodbye.

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