Friday, February 26, 2016

Types of people I follow on instagram

Everyone knows what is instagram and I know a lot of people have it.
I've been using instagram since September 2014 (I'm not sure) and I really love it.
Main thing for me was not to follow random people,I really wanted to see photos from people who are artistic,people with amazing photography skills.
I hate when people only post selfies,I mean I don't want to see your face every single day.

Today I thought it would be really cool for me to tell you what kind of people I follow on instagram,if you want to follow me my username is eldarlenk2.

1.Artistic people

I love art,that's something that really makes me happy.
Paintings,photography,sculptures... That is really cool and I really admire people who post those kind of photos on instagram.
To me seeing different kind of artistic photos from different people is really cool because everyone has different way of expressing themself and I love seeing that.
There is a lot of talented people out there and I wish they were really famous.

2.People who travel a lot

Sadly I naver had a chance to visit places that are really far away from my country and that's terrible because that is my biggest wish.
I want to meet people and learn something about their culture.
Seeing photos from other people is really cool, especially if those photos are in HD.
Hey ! I'm only 19 years old,I have entire life in front of me,maybe I'll go somewhere when I get little bit older.

3.People who post photos of their food

I love food ! Yes I said it.
I mean who doesn't like food.Also I love cooking,I always help my mom and I always try to learn something new.
Instagram is a place where you can see a lot of food photos and some people think that is annoying but that's not my case.
I love stealing ideas from other people and I try to make everything by myself.


I follow celebrities that I really love,seeing what they do in their free time is really cool and you get to know them better.
My favorite celebrity on instagram is Lady Gaga,yes she's my all time favorite singer but she posts amazing photos.
Great thing is she is posting photos of her private life and that's awesome because people can see that she is just like everyone else.

I really hope you enjoyed this post,what kind of people do you follow ?
Let me know in the comments !

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