Monday, February 15, 2016

Ways to prevent bullying

Bullying impacts millions and millions of people every day,Yes,millions.It breaks my heart to think about all of the people out there being bullied,as well all of the people doing the bullying.
Both bullies and the bullied have to deal with so much emotional (and often physical) negativity.There is always a reason that bullies get to the point of bullying,which is terribly sad to me.And even sadder are the results of their actions,to despair and loneliness of the bullied.
While childhood bullying is the focus of today's media,unfortunately bullying doesn't stop there.Adults bully one another too (in work,even in random interactions).
Just like young kids,adults bully others because of their own insecurities and emotional issues.
Sadly,many adults bully themselves.They put themselves down,treat themselves without respect,make themselves feel smaller and less valid.
You might think that bullying has nothing to do with you,but it does.Bullying happenes every day,with both adults and children,and it's much more prevalent that you might realize.But bullying is something we all have the power to fight.
It's a form of negativity we can actively work to avoid in our everyday lives,here's how.


1.Don't be a bully. It might sound obvious,but it's not always as obvoius as you would think.Many bullies might not consider themselves bullies.Give some serious thought to your actions and remind yourself that you could be bullying poeple without even realizing it.Listen to the tone of your voice,the words you speak and the actions you take.And remind yourself that all of that applies to bullying yourself too.
You are a bully to yourself if you beat yourself up emotionally or self-harm in any way.
Even if you don't bully others,you might be bullying yourself.One way to prevent bullying is to stop beating yourself up.
2.Stand up fo yourself. If you are being bullied,don't be afraid to stand up for yourself.You have the right to say to a friend,parent,random person,etc. That you are being bullied.You have the right to say no,to walk aways,to call him/her out on being a bully.
You...your thoughts,words,actions,and body...are valuable and don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and remind others what you are worth.
3.Ask for help. Bullying obviously takes on many,many forms.If the bullying is physical or dangerous,it's important to seek help,if you a child or teenager,talk to a trusted adult.If you are an adult,talk to someone higher up.If you are being bullied at home,find an outside resource or organization that can help you.There is no shame in asking for help and that's what you must do if you or someone you know is being bullied.And don't give up.Their might be people who dismiss your concerns or don't take you seriously.Find someone else.Don't let one person's ignorance hold you back from getting the help you or someone else deserves.

4.Love yourself. Loving yourself is crucial when it comes to overcoming bullying.Loving yourself will prevent you from being a bully.It will help you stand for yourself if you feel you are being bullied.It will force you to remove yourself from negative situations in which you might be bullied.It will help you overcome and cope with any bullying you might have faced ot will face.Loving yourself is essential.Even though this is #4 on this list,it's the most essential of bully prevention.
People who love themselves don't bully and people who love themselves don't allow themselves to be bullied.

I really hope you liked this post because I tried really hard to write it as best as I could.
Thank you so much for reading.
Until next time,goodbye.

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