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Addicted to youtube / interview with Harrison Kam

Launched in 2005,YouTube became a place that allowed billions of people to discover,watch and share originally created videos.
Back in the day YouTube was a place where people could express themselves,share funny stories with other people.To me watching videos from all around the world was really fascinating.
Even though my English was terrible I still kept watching them because it was really interesting.
For some reason when I was a little kid,I had a weird obsession with aliens and UFO's.Yup,I know it's really weird.
I always thought aliens are in human form and they come to earth with their special spaceships.
That's why I spent hours and hours on YouTube watching fake UFO videos,I remember I was freaking out because it looked so real.
After couple of years YouTube became ever more popular in the world and some people started to get popular just by making fun videos on the internet.
First youtuber that I started watching was Tyler Oakley.
I loved his attitude and his sense of humor,even after so many years I still watch his videos.
Right now,list of people that I'm subscirbed to is really long.
Jesse and Jeana ( BFvsGF ) ,Roman Atwood,Shane Dawson, Joey Graceffa,Zoella,Alfie Deyes,and many more.
They are really interesting,I love their videos because they always cheer me up when I feel sad.
 Google spokesperson has confirmed that 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
I decided that I should give a chance to youtubers who are not as famous as other popular youtubers.
Harrison Kam is a youtuber that I randomly found,I don't remember how.
He has a huge potential and I'm sure he will make it in ''youtube world''.
Hundreds of people are reading my posts so I thought it would be great idea to do a short interview with Harrison so you could get to know him better.

He has more than 3000 subscribers and more than 315K followers on

Eldar : There is a lot of people who are making videos on YouTube and their main reason is making money.What is your main reason that you started making videos.

Harrison :  The main reason why I started making videos is because I love filming and entertaining.  When I'm in front of the camera, it brings out a different side of me.  I feel relaxed and I know that when I'm making a video, it'll make people smile as well as make their days better in some way.  For me, the fame and money shouldn't be a reason to make videos.  As long as you're having fun and enjoying what you do, that's all that matters.

Eldar : When you want to make video on YouTube or,do you ever get shy because there is a lot of people who are watching you ?

Harrison : No, I don't get shy at all.  It is a lot different if I was making the videos out in public where people can see me...then I get nervous at times.  When I'm in front of the camera, I know that people will later see what I'm posting, but I don't think of that at all in the moment.  I purposely put out content for people to see so I am not shy at all when it comes to knowing that a lot of people will watch.

Eldar : Are you subscribed to a lot of channels and who are your all time favorite youtubers?

Harrison : I am subscribed to a lot of channels on YouTube (mostly well-known YouTubers).  My all time favorite YouTubers are Nigahiga, TimothyDelaghetto, Smosh, KianandJc, Jenna Marbles, PVP/BFvsGF, IISuperwomanII, MysticGotJokes, etc.

Eldar : Would you ever try to do daily vlogs ?

Harrison :  I actually have done some vlogs before and I plan on doing more in the future.  I've just been really busy with work so it's harder to put out content all the time, especially interesting vlogs for that matter.

Eldar : While I was googling your name (not creepy at all),I found out you are graphic designer.I saw the photos and you are really good at it. If you're doing it professionally,how can people contact you ?

Harrison : Thank you very much.  I appreciate it a lot.  I am a Graphic Designer/Marketing Assistant at a storage company and people can contact me through my main email which is

Eldar : I really want to thank you for this awesome interview but I really need to ask you,what is your advice for everyone who wants to start making videos ?

Harrison : Anytime and it has been a lot of fun!  My advice is to be yourself and not try to copy what other people do.  Be original with your content and make great quality videos that are unique.  Good lighting is always a must and think of ideas that will really stand out compared to what we see everyday.

I really hope you enjoyed this post because it's not something that I get to do all the time.
Make sure to follow Harrison on all social networking sites and don't forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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 • Snapchat: harrisonkam808
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