Monday, March 28, 2016

Born in the wrong time

Ever since I was a little kid I felt like I don't fit in.
I always felt like I was born in the wrong time,I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.
To be honest,I love today's technology,music,etc...
Throughout entire life I was obsessed with ''old'' jazz,rock,pop music,also I love vintage fashion.
As I said I like today's music but it's not better than 70's,80's or 90's.
Everything became so commercial,I feel like most of the singers do it for money and I hate that.
There is only few singers that I listen to and they are really good at it,they write their own songs and they spend most of their money on their music.
Even though I love today's music,I still love ''older'' music more,there is something about it which is more appealing to me.
All singers and bands looked natural,you could really see they love what they do.
I don't specifically listen to someone,I just search youtube to find good songs.
Main reason why I love 80's is because my mom was always telling me what her life was like.
She said people were a lot different,they cared about others more.
David Bowie was a singer she really loved,guess what ! I love him too.
My brother LOVES rock music,also he plays guitar.
While his was learning how to play it,I learned a lot of rock songs.
Even though I'm a person who prefers pop music,there is something about rock music that I really like.
Today rock music is really bad,there are few bands that are cool but I don't listen to them.
I love Red hot chili peppers,Bon Jovi, guns n' roses,etc...
Few years ago I decided to join Tumblr because I heard so many good things about it.
I always look for old vintage photos,I have strange obsession with them.
Also for some reason I love watching old videos.
It is so cool to see how some cities looked before.
I remember I watched a video from the 80s,it was filmed in New York.
It looked so different,I love it !
Fashion, buildings,cars...I just wished I could teleport there (that would be really awesome).
Maybe two years ago I decided to start collecting different vintage stuff.

I really thought I was going to buy a lot of stuff but at the end I only bought this postcard.

Reason why I stopped buying random things is because I just hate waiting for package to arrive.
This postcard was from USA and I was waiting for over the month for my package to arrive.
I am really happy that there is internet because I can search whatever I want.
One thing I really need to ask you is,what is your opinion on this topic ?

I really hope you enjoyed this post,be free to comment also let me know what you think.
Until next time goodbye !

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  1. I think every generation likes the previous one's music.

    I love the 60s music, but I do love my generation too, and even a bit of today's. It's all about just loving music really (and totally ignoring the manufactured bands) :-)

    Great Post