Monday, May 30, 2016

Best shows for binge watching

Throughout my entire life I loved watching shows,for some reason I was never fan of long movies.
Watching a 45 minute show (episode) was enough for me.
I watched a lot of shows in my life,some of them were really good and some of them were really bad.
As I'm getting older binge watching shows became my hobby,when I'm really bored I just find a show and I start watching it...A LOT.
For today I wanted to make a list of the shows that I binge watched.
As I said,I watched a lot of  shows so for today I will make a list of shows that I most enjoyed binge watching.
Let's get started :

1.The walking dead. First season of this show was released back in 2010 and for some reason I never watched it.
I mean I always wanted to do it but I thought  it wasn't going to be good at all.
Back in 2013 I decided to start watching the show.
When I started watching it the show was on season 4 mid season break and I just knew I have to catch up.
I got all the episodes and I started my the walking dead adventure.I watched it and instantly it became my all time favorite TV show.
That show has everything,the drama,horror,humor...EVERYTHING.
I spent maybe 3 or 4 days watching the show without stopping.

2.Game of thrones My brother is a biggest fan of this show,he started watching it since season 1.
I always thought the show was boring and I thought I wasn't going to like it at all.
Two weeks ago I decided to start watching it,that was best decision that I ever made.
The show is epic,it's perfectly written and it's filmed really good.All special effects are truly mind blowing.
Last week I watched second season in just two days,that is crazy.
I am on season 4 right now,I have to get to season 6 really fast.
It's just super crazy that no one is safe,most of the characters that I like are dead...

3.Jessica Jones All Marvel shows on Netflix are truly amazing and Jessica Jones is my favorite.
I never knew who she was until i started watching this show and while I was watching it she became my all time favorite Marvel hero.
She is not like other heroes,she is truly unique and awesome.
The show brought me a lot of anxiety because you never know who is going to die next.
I'm super excited for season 2,I have a feeling it's going to be ever better than season 1.

4.Daredevil Ever since I was a little kid I thought Daredevil was super amazing.
He is blind but he fights like everyone else,I always thought that was really cool.
Daredevil has two seasons (third one is coming) and I watched them really fast.
All characters are unique,they all have some kind of story and that's really cool.

5.Orange is the new black Who doesn't love this show ? I LOVE it !
It is so funny and honestly I like all characters,there is a lot of girls in that prison and you never know what is going to happen between them.
I watched all 3 seasons in just few days.

If you haven't seen these shows make sure to check them out.
Trust me,you are going to have a lot good time watching them.
What are your favorite shows ? Be free to tell me.

Until next time,goodbye.

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