Monday, May 16, 2016

New beginning

Back in November of 2015 I started really crazy journey.
I'm known as a person who gets tired of everything really fast,that is something that I really hate about myself.
Before 2015 I had a blog,I didn't know how to do it...It was so terrible,so I decided to delete it.
When I started this blog I wanted to change,I wanted to stay active as much as I can and honestly I really thought I was going to fail.
Here I am,seven months later and I'm working on my blog every single day.
Writing,promoting,writing for other people.I know,that is so crazy.
I admit,I still don't know how ''blogging World'' works,I'm trying to learn new things every single day.
Since I created my blog last year I wanted something really bad,I wanted to design entire blog alone.
Designing is something that I had no idea how to do,throughout past few months I was trying to improve my photoshop skills and I tried to learn how to edit HTML code.
When it comes to editing my theme I'm not good,it's really hard because there are a lot of codes,I will still keep trying though.
I've been using photoshop for years and I knew how to do basic stuff,it's not really hard to learn which is really great.
When I decided to start a blog I just knew I had to create my own blog logo,I wanted something that will make this blog unique.
I wanted something that will really represent my blog in a really good way.
Few days ago I decided to sit down and draw some sketches of logos that I have in mind,one thing you need to know is that my head almost exploded.
I had so many great ideas but choosing the right one was really hard.
One of my passions is to write inspirational posts,that is something that makes me really happy.
I mean writing something that will help someone makes me so happy,and then I got a incredible idea.
People were saying that my posts made them feel so much better and happier.
I published a lot of posts about bullying,depression,etc...
Peace....People that read my blog feel peace.
What can represent peace and look good as a blog logo ?
Olive branch ! I must admit,my brother helped me to get this idea.
I found a most beautiful drawing of olive branch and I decided to use it.
Photoshop was open...It was time to put my idea into reality.
After 30 minutes I made few logos and I had to choose the best looking one.
I chose this one :

This was the best drawing of olive branch,colors are simply amazing.
Little piece of my life was just my little crazy idea,is this something that I could do for really long time ?
Is blogging going to be something more than a hobbie ? Who knows !
Thinking about the future is something that I really love to do,most of the time that doesn't happen though...
That's why I won't be thinking about this,I will go with the flow.
Honestly I don't know what is going to happen,this is something that I would really love to do.
I truly love it and enjoy it.
This logo should represent my future,it's going to represent me and my blog.
Come here to feel peace,forget about bad stuff and let's start a new era.
New era without negativity,sadness.Let's be happy together.
From this day until the end.

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