Monday, May 9, 2016

Social anxiety

Social anxiety is something that has been following me for maybe five years.
I don't know why I have it,it's just a part of me and for some reason I can't get rid of it.
When I was a little kid I was a person that everyone loved, especially in elementary school.I was most talkative kid in class and sometimes that would get me in trouble.
Meeting new people was really easy for me,I had no problems and my life was perfect,everything was perfect until I went to high school.
For some people high school was their best part of their lives but for me it wasn't.
I mean it wasn't that terrible but it wasn't perfect.
When I started going to high school I was sixteen years old and I was still childish and most of the other guys were trying to act mature.
That's when bullying started,they were calling me names,saying really bad things to me.
For some reason that didn't bother me,I was trying to be strong.
I went to high school for four years and they were bullying me for three years.
After three years of other people bullying me I became different for some reason.
I started feeling really bad about myself.
I felt like I was a different person,I felt like I was someone else.
Meeting new people became really hard,I was shaking and my palms were getting really sweaty.
When I finished high school I tried to get back to my ''old'' self and I think I'm slowly doing it.
I know a lot of people have to deal with social anxiety and I know it's really scary but that's not the end.
You have to stay strong and you have to fight.That's what I did,I fought.
Last year I decided to start volunteering for red cross,I thought it was going to be really scary because there is a lot people that I don't know.
Why should I live my life in a shadow ? All those bullies are gone and it's my time to shine.
I've been volunteering for almost one year and that's the best thing I decided to do.
I met a lot of cool people who are not judging me.
There is a lot of volunteers and I already became friends with most of them.
If you are going through hard times,trust me everything will be fine.

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  1. Eldar, the world needs more people like you! Many students don't know, but they don't need to get through this alone. When I was younger, I had to deal with bullying (though I don't have social anxiety), so this is a thing that I understand well. Also, all those people are gone. I bet they don't even remember my name, and today I know that it's exactly the same for everyone like us. We don't need to care about bullies because they'll not be in our lives forever and things always change.

    1. Bullying is the biggest problem,it's so sad that kids have to go through it.As you said most important thing is to talk about it with someone.Thank you for reading 😀