Monday, June 13, 2016

Essential Blogging Tips

Back in November of 2015 I decided to start blogging.
One thing I knew I had to do when I created this blog is that I have to stay active 24/7,and that's what I'm doing.
After 8 months I still work on this blog a lot, I'm constantly writing and promoting.
Also I can say that I learned a lot of things so that's why today I decided to make a list of essential blogging tips.
If you have any tips you like to share be free to comment down below.
I will try to make this post short and simple but very informative,so let's get started.


I learned this in a hard way,I really thought my posts were going to get a lot of views just after few days. NO ! First of all you have to get audience.
How to do that ? Well I will tell you.
Share your blog on Twitter,Instagram,Google+....
Make your thumbnails look cool because most of the people will click the link just because the photo looks nice.
Maybe you wrote AMAZING post but sadly most of the time look of thumbnails is key of success,just like on Youtube.
People will click a video that has good looking thumbnail.
Get really creative and trust me,your post views will get higher and higher.
I make thumbnails in photoshop but also is very awesome.
As I said NOTHING is going to happen overnight,and that is really true.
At the beginning my posts would get 50-100 views and not they get 300-600 views ! That sounds crazy and I have more than 21000 blog views.
Don't give up and don't care about the views,write something you are passionate about and everything will be fine.


This one to me is most important because you want to show YOUR writing skills to other people.
Looking for ideas from other blogs is totally fine but write in your way,don't just copy-paste the text from other blog to your blog.


One thing I love to do is to be different from other blogs,I don't know if that's ok but I think it is.
Most of the blogs write about one niche ; fashion,lifestyle,food,etc.
When it comes to me I love to write about everything ! 
If I want to write about fashion I will do it,or I feel like writing about some cool recipe that I found I'll do it.
Why should I stick to one niche and that's it,I want people to meet real me.
Yes,I love fashion and lifestyle and oh yes I love food and I LOVE writing random personal posts.
Why should you be like other popular bloggers,go shine in your own way..Be unique.


At the beginning I was publishing new posts every single day and for me that was really bad idea.
First of all I was spending too much time on my computer trying to get idea and then I would spend even more time writing.
Also I had no time to promote the posts so basically no one noticed me.
At the end I decided to post 1 post per week and that was best idea ever.
I have a lot of time to promote the post and also throughout the week I write new posts for upcoming weeks.
Most important thing is you will see results and you will continue posting once a week.


You will not see any results at the beginning and I'm truly honest with you.
Even after 8 months I'm still learning new things but let's be honest,if we want to try to get successful we need a lot of patience.
Because I was ''newbie'' in this blogging world I kind of wanted to quit but I decided to continue doing it.
Why not ? I love to do this and I will work EXTRA hard.

I really hope I helped you with this post,also I know I'm not THAT professional when it comes to blogging but I know these tips will help you.
Until next time,goodbye.

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  1. Very insightful! I wish you wrote this a couple of years ago. Had to learn it the hard way, but I completely agree with you on all counts!

  2. Good tips, I agree with all of them. What I still find difficult right now is getting regular readers. It seems that sharing posts on social media is not enough, I need to reach out to people. Anyway, keep up the good work, you've made a really nice blog. :)

    1. In my case promoting on social media works.A lot of my followers on Twitter are reading my posts all the time.I guess I'm lucky.