Monday, June 6, 2016

May Favorites (ebay shopping spree)

Hello everyone,I hope you are doing well.
Can you believe May is already over ? That is so crazy.Well for some people that is awesome because summer is coming but I'm not happy about it.
I mean I like summer but I'm not a huge fan of extreme heat...
One thing you really need to know about me is that I just love spending my money buying random things online.Yes that's my obsession,good thing is I only buy things that are not too expensive.
Last month I decided to treat myself...I decided to have ebay shopping spree and I totally felt good about it because I bought really cool stuff that I will use for really long time.
Of course I will show you photos but also I will share links in case you would like to buy those products.
Let's start with the list.

1.Mass Effect 2

I am huge video game lover,I just love playing them.Long time ago I played third part of this game on my computer and  I just loved it.I love space themed games and I just had to buy second part of this game because I never played it.
The game is super amazing and really fun but it is really long.
I played it for maybe three or four weeks and I'm still not finished.Good thing is you really can't get bored because it's really addictive.
If you want to buy this game click this link : Mass Effect 2 ps3

2.Great looking watch

I'm not a person who likes to wear watches,but last month for some reason I decided to buy it because  the price was great and it looked really good.
It's really comfortable but it's little bit heavy...but that's fine I guess.
It was only $10 !! I mean buying a nice looking watch for only $10 is really awesome.Guess what,after one month it still works.
The link : Gold watch


Who doesn't like these kind of  bracelets,I am totally obsessed with them.
They look really cool and you can use them on any outfit you wear.
For some reason they are really cheap but that's awesome though.
The link : First one ; Second one

4.Iphone cases

I will be honest,I have more than ten cases but I still keep buying them for some reason.
When I saw these cases I bought them because they looked more than amazing.
They are so shiny...
These are the best cases that I bought and I will buy more colors in the future.
The link : iPhone cases

Do you like things that I bought ? Let me know in the comments.
I really hope you enjoyed this post.
Until next time,goodbye.

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