Monday, July 18, 2016

How to get a lot of Instagram likes and followers

Less than two years ago I decided to join Instagram because a lot of people from my school were using the app.
I wasn't sure what to expect but I heard it was really fun.When I made my account I had no idea how to use it.
After maybe three days I got hang of it,at the moment Instagram is my second favorite social media network (Twitter is my all time favorite social media network).
When I was in high school I had more than 1000 followers and everyone thought I was a cool guy who gets a lot of likes.
That really bothered me because some people were hanging out with me just because I had 1000 followers and I get more than 200 likes.
I really thought Instagram is not going to be really fun after few months but I was very wrong.
At the moment my profile is growing a lot and I am really shocked about it because at the beginning I was taking just regular cool photos but right now I'm trying to take professional looking photos.
Right now I almost have 9000 followers and my photos get 400-1000+ likes and that is amazing,My current goal is to start working with brands,that would be amazing.
Today I wanted to share all my ''Instagram secrets''.I will tell you how I get followers and likes.
These steps are incredibly easy,let's get started.

Everyone follows celebrities,I just love to see what they do behind the cameras.
Did you know that thanks to them you can get 1000 followers in one week ? Yes,that sounds crazy but that is my main method.
Good thing about that is that you get REAL followers who will like and comment on your photos.
How to do that ? Well I will tell you.
Honestly I don't know how that works but it does.
You have to choose 10-15 really popular celebrities (Lady Gaga,Beyonce,Adele,Nicki Minaj,Kendall Jenner,Jennifer Lopez,Selena Gomez,etc).
Only thing you need to do is to follow them and after few seconds you simply unfollow them and then you follow them again.
You repeat that process as much as you want,one day I did that TOO MUCH and I got in instagram jail.
Instagram jail is when instagram doesn't allow you to follow more people.Don't wory nothing bad can happen,just wait one or two days and you will be fine.
Thanks to that method I got more than 1000 real followers in one week.

What is the point of instagram when you don't follow anyone ? If you want followers you should follow other people.
If you love photography just type #Photography in search bar.When you want to follow someone check out their followers and following ratio.
You don't want to follow someone who has 5000 followers and they only follow 100 people.
They won't follow you back,that's why I am very different from other people.
I have 8700+ followers and I only follow 1400+ people,but I always follow back when they ask me.
That's why it's always important to comment on their picture ''please follow me back''.
That's what I still do,but it is really important not to follow random people.You want to follow someone that you like,if they have awesome photos go follow them.You don't want your feed to be filled with random photos.

Ok,you got a lot of followers and you think that's not important.
It is ! Those people will unfollow you if you don't engage with them.Like their photos,comment...
It's really important to uplaod new photo at least two times a week.
Few months ago I was really busy and I had no time to use instagram and guess what ? I lost a lot of followers.
Last week I uplaoded three photos and a lot of people followed me.

I just hate when people use million hashtags in one photo,you think you will get more likes thanks to them but you won't.
When I uplaod photo I write eight or five relative hashtags.
I always write #instagood,#picoftheday,#vscocam,#iphone,#iphoneonly.
They are most popular hashtags on instagram and they will really help you get more likes.
Also I always write #Sarajevo,that's where I live.I want people from my city to see my photo and also I want potential brands to notice me easily.

All famous instagramers use this app for editing,it's really easy to use and you get a lot of free filters.
Yesterday I found account called Filters.vsco.They post photos of how to make amazing effects with VSCO cam.

This ALWAYS works for me.Just type #Like4Like in search bar.
Spend 5-10 minutes liking random photos and most of those people will go to your profile and like few of your pictures and maybe they will even follow you if they like your photos.

I really hope you liked this post guys,these steps are super easy.I use them and they work.
If you want you can follow me @eldarlenk and just comment follow me back and I will do it,
Until next time,goodbye.

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