Monday, July 11, 2016

How to survive bullying at school

To me when I was a little kid bullying was never a problem.
In elementary school everyone loved me,I was like most favorite person in the class.
I really thought high school was going to be like have no idea how wrong I was.
You are probably here to see my idea of dealing with bullying,you really don't want to read about my problems.
Let's get started !

1. Don't be quiet

At the beginning of high school I was really quiet.
That was a main reason why I was bullied a lot.I never had a fight with someone and honestly I never said anything to those bullies.
After maybe two years I started arguing with them and guess what ? They stopped bullying me !

2.Talk with someone

If someone is bullying you don't keep your problems inside of you.If you have problems and no one knows about them,they will eat you up.You can become really depressed and trust me,you don't want to be like that.
Talk to your friends,family and of course try talking to your school staff (pedagogue,psychologist,school director,teacher).

3.Try to ignore them and try not to take them for granted

This is hard but you have to know when bullies say something to you they don't mean it.They just want to be cool in front of other people.
Why should you take them for granted ? Who cares about them...

I know this post is really short but these things really helped me during the high school.
You just have to know one thing,who cares about bullies.
Their life must be so interesting that they only talk about you.

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