Monday, July 4, 2016

I never want to be rich

When you were a kid,did you ever think that it would be amazing to be rich person ?
You probably thought about it,just like me.I always thought being rich would be amazing,you could buy whatever you want,you could travel wherever you want...
When I was in school sometimes I would get jealous because I was in the class with few rich kids.
They always had nice things,cool toys and they always bragged about it.
My family was never rich and that never bothered me
Few days ago somehow my mom and I started talking about our rich neighbor,he is travelling a lot,he has rich parents.
In that moment I felt something,I said ''I never want to be rich''.
Growing up my parents taught us (me and my brother) to appreciate what we have,when they bought us Playstation 1 we were so happy and we were taking care of it a lot.
I have a feeling those rich kids never enjoyed anything because they would get new things all the time.
To be honest I love my life,probably most of the people that hang out with rich people are friends with them because they are rich.
I'm surrounded by honest people and I am 100% sure they will be there for me 24/7.
Not everything in this world is about money,money comes and goes.
Probably most of the rich people are not happy inside,yes maybe they have amazing things,they travel a lot but deep down they are probably really sad.
I remember those rich kids in my school were so lonely,they never wanted to talk with kids who are not rich,but I must admit some of them really changed.
At the moment I enjoy my life a lot.
Yes,maybe I'm not going to New York,Paris,London...But I'm still happy.
Entire life is in front of me,I'm only 19,I have a feeling there are a lot of adventures coming up for me.

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