Monday, July 25, 2016

Pokemon GO extravaganza

If you never heard about this game you just need to continue reading this post.
Few weeks ago most  anticipated mobile game called Pokemon GO has been released.
In just few days this game became most used app in entire World,it has more users than twitter !
Since I was a little kid I loved pokemons so much and I always wanted to become pokemon trainer,thanks to this game you can become one.
How everything works ? Well I will tell you.
If you want to play this game you need wifi or mobile internet.
When you start the game you have to turn on your GPS so it can load the map of your city.
After just few seconds you are ready to play.In order to play the game you have to go outside and walk.
That is really different from other mobile games,when you start walking random pokemons will show up and you have to catch them.
It's super fun especially when you are with your friends.Few days ago my brother and I went to catch some pokemons.
We decided to visit the park that is maybe 30 mintes away from where we live,we had no idea what to expect.
When we got there we saw maybe twenty five people ! Young children and adults.They were all sitting and playing the game.
It was really fun because everyone talked to each other but that's not only thing that happened.
Literally everyone is playing this game,you can see who is playing because everyone is holding their cellphones the same way.
Honestly 90's kids are playing this game more because we grew up watching pokemons and I think some kids don't even know what they are.
Even though this game is super fun it has some bad sides.It can be dangerous because you can fall down and I think car can hit you if you're not watching.
In the past few days I noticed that for some reason I only see the same pokemons all over again,I don't know if that's some kind of problem with the game or I need to go somewhere really,REALLY far away.
I don't want to travel somewhere far away just to catch pokemons but that would be great adventure.
Now it's time for the conclusion....
Yes this game is super fun,it brings people together,but it can be dangerous so you have to be extra careful.
If you haven't played it you should,I am sure that you will like it.

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