Monday, August 29, 2016

5 reasons why I want to visit United States

I finally decided to write this post.It was planned to be written really long time ago but I always write something else.
Traveling is everyone's dream,everyone wants to go somewhere with their friends or family and just have fun.
Sadly my family and I never travelled really far away like United States or France...
I really need to say it's really not fair that you need a lot of money to travel somewhere,plane tickets should be cheaper so thanks to that more people would be able to go somewhere far away.
We're not here to talk about that,you probably want to see the list of reasons why I want to visit United States.
Without further ado,let's get started with the list.

This is my huge wish....I really want to visit United States.
That is my wish since I was a little kid,I was obsessed.I read so many blog posts about this and a lot of people say people in USA are a lot different from people in Europe.
For me,culture in United States is a lot different from where I live,people are a lot different too.
But let's get back to reason #1.

When I visit new places I really love to look at architecture from that city.
When it comes to United States I really like architecture in New York City.Buildings are really tall and really cool looking.
It is so impressive because it's so amazing to see what people can make,I really wonder how long does it take to build one really tall building (I should google it).

This is my opinion but I think food in Europe is so much better but I love to try new things.
Of course we have pizza here in Europe but I really want to try pizza from New York because I heard it's more than amazing.
And visiting Dunkin' Donuts is my huge wish and yes,if I would live in USA I would gain like 25KG in just few days (:
Also I really need to try traditional thanksgiving dinner.

To me Grand canyon is most impressive place in the world.When I look at the photos or videos it looks so breathtaking.
And when they built skywalk I started to like that place even more.I'm not sure if I would be able to walk along that bridge because it really looks so scary.

I'm not the person who REALLY loves the beach but I would never say no to Santa Monica beach.
To me that place is like heaven on earth,
I really wonder if the beach looks good like in the photos,if you're from LA be free to tell me.

Maybe this sounds stupid but I really want to visit USA because I think I would be able to see someone really popular.
Imagine if you see Leonardo Dicaprio while you are walking down the street.For some reason I think people who live there don't care at all,but I would freak out a lot...

That's it guys,this is my list of reasons why I want to visit United States.
I really hope you enjoyed this post.Until next time,goodbye

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