Tuesday, August 2, 2016

5 Things I loved about high school

Even though I wasn't a fan of high school I must admit,it wasn't that bad.
Yes,it was really hard at the beginning because I didn't know anyone...it was really awkward.
Today I wanted to make a list about things that I really loved about high school.
There will be bullies,popular kids,rich kids...etc.
Forget about bad things and start thinking positively.
Let's start with the list.

1.There is  a lot of good people there

As I said,you will meet people who will try to bring you down but you just ignore them.
Instead of thinking about them go talk to people that you think are really good.
Guess what ! There is a lot of good kids who feel just like you.Become friends,start hanging out with them.
That's what I did,I created small circle of friends who were awesome to me and thanks to them I would forget about my problems.
Also my high school had some really great employees.We talked with our pedagogue,psychologist or even with our school principal,they were just like our friends.

2.Professors are better than elementary school teachers

This might not be true in your case but in my case it's so true.
In elementary school I didn't like any of my teachers because they were so strict.
When I started going to high school I learned a lot more things and main reason is because we had amazing professors.
They were so down to earth,sometimes I would get a feeling like I'm talking with my aunt or uncle and that was really amazing.
Because of them I became more relaxed and I would be stress free.

3.School trips !!

I will never forget our school trips because they were really weird....yes weird !
All those people that didn't like me would become different for some reason.
They would talk to me....
I will never understand why would they bully me and then act cool.
Those moments when entire class would hang out were really sweet moments that I will never forget and I actually miss that.

4.Watching movies in English class

We had most amazing English professor ever ! English was my favorite subject ever because to me it was really fun and interesting.
Sometimes when we were good our professor would let us watch movies...I know that is so awesome.
We watched all new popular movies.last movie we watched was new fast and furious.
Honestly I will never forget this and I truly appreciate that our professor did that.

5.After school coffee

This is something that almost everyone does in my country.After school we go to the caffee bar to drink coffee and relax from school.
We spend maybe two hours at the caffe and we would talk about school,personal life...
I just loved doing that,spending some more time with friends was super cool.

If you finished high school what do you miss ? be free to comment.

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