Monday, August 8, 2016

Instagram stories VS Snapchat

Last week Instagram introduced their brand new feature called ''Instagram Stories''.
At the beginning a lot of people said they are copying Snapchat and I think that is kind of true.
I used Snapchat before but I never liked it because you have to have mobile data and you are not able to post photos from your phone gallery.
Of course everyone has mixed emotions about Instagram stories,is it good or bad ?
Today I will make a list of pros and cons.
Instagram stories VS Snapchat ?

First I will talk about Snapchat.

Without any doubt Snapchat is really fun and it's great way to connect with your friends.
With different variety of funny filters you can make really fun looking photos and videos.
Snapchat is really easy to use,it's not complicated at all,you just take a photo and you upload the photo to your story.
To me making videos is even better because it's fun to see what other people do.
I used Snapchat for maybe two weeks and I just stopped.
Main reason is people never engaged with me.On twitter or on Instagram I engage with followers all the time and on Snapchat no one cared.
Maybe I made a mistake by adding random people from twitter.
If you never used Snapchat I advise you to add your friends and not other random people.
Watching random people talking or taking selfies is not fun at all.
That's why I decided to stop using the app.
Right now for me Snapchat is a place where I can have fun with filters and now I only follow my favorite celebrities.
As I said Snapchat is really fun but only add your friends...

PROS : Fun filters,easy way to connect with friends

CONS : It becomes really boring if you only add random people and if someone adds you they probably won't engage with you at all.
Biggest problem is that you can't upload photos or videos from your gallery.Not everyone has mobile data.
Maybe they will add this feature in the future.

Now let's talk about Instagram stories.Right at the beginning I must say I became so obsessed with it.
I've been using instagram for almost two years and I just love it.
When this feature came out a lot of people said they don't like it and I don't know why,it's actually super fun.
It's such a easy way to connect with your followers.
Right now I almost have 11K followers and they engage with me a lot.
When I made Snapchat account I had to promote it a lot and getting people to add you is really hard.
On Instagram I didn't have to do anything I already have more than 10K people who follow me.
That's why I decided to use stories a lot.
My story photos and videos get a lot of views and people keep sending me messages and that is so cool.
Also one reason why I LOVE Instagram stories is because I can upload videos and photos from my camera roll but you can only upload photos and videos that you took 24 hours ago.
If you have a cool photo and you took two days ago you can't add it to your story.
Honestly that is completely fine with me.
If you want to check out my Instagram stories make sure to follow me eldarlenk.
And now let's talk about pros and cons.

PROS : You can upload photos and videos from your phone gallery.It's really easy to connect with your followers,you will get more engagement because you already have people who are following you.

CONS : Sadly there are no filters like on Snapchat.

My final conclusion is that you don't have to listen to me,use whatever you want.
This is my personal opinion.
For me Instagram stories is so much better and I believe they will add more fun features in the future.

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