Monday, August 22, 2016

Losing interest in youtube

Yes,I'm saying it ! I'm losing interest in youtube.
I started watching youtube videos maybe in 2006,that was a place for me to watch random funny and interesting videos.
Back in the day I loved youtube,it was a place for me to relax and laugh.
I remember I used to spend hours watching random videos and I had so much fun doing it,it was really interesting to see what people from other countries do and honestly I loved seeing them making fun of themselves.
In 2006 I had no idea youtube was going to become really huge,I had no idea it will become Worldwide success.
When I started getting older I found out that those popular youtubers make money just by making videos.
I was completely fine with that...until now.
Making money online is totally fine with me but I just hate when some youtubers show that in their almost every single video.
I really miss watching videos where people would talk about their life and right now videos are filled with sponsored things.
To me youtube is not the place that I REALLY enjoy,I admit...I watch youtube but I don't enjoy it like I did before.
They are making shows and you have to pay to watch episodes ! Why ?  Why don't they just stream those episodes somewhere else,like on Netflix ? Those shows should be free,but I guess they need to make money somehow.
There are a lot of youtubers who earn a lot of money but they don't brag about it at all,I actually really appreciate that.
I really don't like when people show their super expensive cars,houses,etc.
But if their audience wants to see that who am I to judge them ?
I watched a lot of videos where people would prove that a lot of pranks that you watch are fake.
That is so true,those super popular pranksters hire models and actors just to act like they are scared or shocked.So they make fake videos and still get a lot of money,that's not fair at all.
As I said there are a lot of good youtubers out there and you would had no idea they are rich,they are just like everyone else.
My favorite youtuber at the moment is Gabbie Hanna aka. The Gabbie show.
She was not rich when she was young and now she doesn't care that she has a lot of money,she lives in a small apartment and she doesn't buy all that fancy equipment and that's super awesome.
What is your opinion on youtube right now ? Do you like it or not ? Be free to comment.
Until next time,goodbye !

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