Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What do our dreams mean ?

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real and when you woke up you felt like it was a sign that something might happen.
Since last year I had really strange dreams,I'm actually happy I only had good dreams.
In the beggining of 2015 almost every single day I had a  dream of me going to the airport,all my family members were there and they were all smiling,they looked so happy.
Funny thing is when I got on a plane (in a dream) I was alone,what could that mean ?
I would never travel somewhere without my family,is that a sign that I might go somewhere by myself ? Or it's just my imagination, I constantly think about travelling and maybe that's why I have dreams about it.
One thing that's really strange is I never get to the location,I only see myself sitting on a plane and that's it...
Am I the only one who finds this really fascinating ? We are sleeping but it feels like we are wide awake.
I was actually doing small research and I found out a site called dreamstop.com.
They published a post about what dreams could mean.
If you want to check it out go to their site (not sponsored).
Last week something really strange happened in my dream.
Few days before I had that dream I was thinking I wish I could get a sign to see is everything going to  be fine with my life.
As I said that dream was really strange,my grandfather who passed away few years ago was in it.
He was smiling and he just kept saying ''Everything will be fine'',he said it maybe 10 times and I just woke up.
I like to think that was some kind of sign,or maybe it's just my imagination...Who knows !
As I said while I was doing my research I found really good theory.
 You should examine the symbols in your dream and consider what they mean to you.  If there is a snake on the seat next to you, decide what a snake means to you.  A snake is often considered a symbol of evil, or at least of something bad.
As you know our technology is getting better and better every single day,I hope one day we will be able to understand our dreams more or it would be awesome if we could record them somehow...now THAT would be awesome.
I would love to think that our dreams show us future,but that's probably not true.I think that's our subconscious,we might think we don't think of something but actually we are not aware that we do.
What was your strangest dream ? Be free to comment down below !
Until next time,goodbye !

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  1. Some say that a dream can be your vision of future and I never believe it. I mean, I don't believe that when I dream something in my sleep, it will be a sign. But I believe there are people out there that get visions and signs through dreams. When you dream about your grandfather saying that everything will be okay, well I think you should pay more attention to it. It could be a sign. Or maybe God tries to tell you everything will be okay through your grandfather in your dream.