Monday, September 26, 2016

Too busy to blog

When I started blogging in 2015 I became obsessed with my blog,I worked on it 24/7.
In that time I finished high school and I decided to take a break from school and I wanted to go to college in 2016.
I had nothing to do so blogging became my priority in my life.
Blogging truly changed my life,every single day I would write maybe 5-10 posts and I kind of became more creative and I really loved that.
At the beginning of 2016 my blog went to another level,I started getting brand deals.
Oh,and also gettting brand deals is really hard because most of the time you will get rejected.
Yes...Maybe I would get free products but I would never get paid but that was fine with me.
I knew that my blog is still fresh and I knew I had to work on it for really long time.
After 9 months I had to make a new decision,go to college or continue blogging.
Well I decided to continue blogging....
My family was really supportive but they said that there is a big chance this won't work out.
I really wanted to start making money so I decided to get a job.
Of course I published a post about how I got my job so make sure to check it out.
September is almost over and I worked for 3.5 weeks and it's really cool.
Working is hard but I love the fact that I'm making money by myself.
That is great but my blog is going downhill...I mean it's nothing too scary but I notice that my views are getting lower.
Before I got a job I would promote my blog a lot and I would get more readers and more comments.
I don't have time to write new posts and that's really sad.Last week was a first week that I haven't published anything and I'm really sad about it.
I get home around 3PM and I'm super tired and I just want to be in my bed and watch TV.
This is a huge shock to me and I know it will take few months for me to actually get used to working and I know I will continue blogging.
Until next time,goodybe

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