Sunday, November 6, 2016

It's my blog's first birthday

I can't believe this is happening today,one year ago I decided to create my own blog.
When I decide to do something for some reason I just stop after some time but I just never stopped blogging.
When I created this blog it was called Eldar Lenk...I mean Eldar is my real name and Lenk is ,,Internet last name'', it's a really long story.
After few months I wanted for my blog to look more professional,that's why I decided to make new theme and brand new blog logo.When I made that change I really wanted to change the name of my blog and for really long time I had one name stuck in my head and that was Little piece of my life.
Little piece of my life is truly what describes this blog.It's so personal and so real,I never write fake or exaggerated stories,I always showed you little piece of my life.
During this period of one year I had so many ups and downs.At some point my blog was getting less views and that really made me feel bad.At the moment I have a feeling this blog is slowly dying and that breaks my heart.
Two months ago I got my first job at theatre production company and that's when everything stopped.
My ,,social media life'' was without any doubt over because I was so busy,I just had no time to use any of my favorite apps like Twitter or Instagram.
After two months of working I learned how to work and of course how to have your own life.
I decided that when I'm at work and when I'm not busy I will write for my blog and I think that is the only way for me to keep this blog alive.
What else can I do ? I said it million times,blogging is something that I really love doing and if my blog dies it will truly break my heart.
I also wanted to make Youtube videos but right now that is completely impossible.
The fact that I worked so hard and the fact that so many people decided to visit this blog is insane and that's why I will do my best to keep this blog.
Also I really want to say that I worked with some cool brands and that was amazing experience ! I want to feel that again and I know I will...Soon.
I know it's Sunday and I usually post every Monday,I just had to do it because it's my blog's birthday !
Yes,I made a one month break but during that time I changed as a person.I kind of became more creative because I'm surrounded by creative people and I think that will change the quality of my blogging,I hope I will become little bit better at photography,writing and graphic designing.
I'm so excited to see what my future holds for me and I truly hope that some of you will continue to support me.
Thank you for everything.
Until next time,goodbye.

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  1. Congrats on the first year! I just passed mine November 1st, you should consider nominating yourself for a Blogging Survivalist Award! Well earned!