Sunday, November 13, 2016

Life after getting Netflix

Last month I decided to get Netflix because I heard a lot of good things about it.
I'm the person who doesn't like to watch movies because they are so long,I'll rather watch 45 minute long show.
When I created my account I had no idea what plan should I get so I decided to get second one (HD,streaming on multiple devices) and it's cheap.
Ever since I started getting my paycheck I spend money on things that I probably don't need but Netflix is awesome.
At the beginning of this year I decided to check out the one month trial and here in Europe in that time Netflix was terrible.
We didn't have American content and I decided to stop using it,but right now we almost have everything like American Netflix.
First day of me using Netflix was great,I started watching a show called ,,Haters back off'' and I watched five episodes in one sitting and I totally felt good about it. I mean who only decided to watch one episode and stop ? That's impossible.
I must admit after binge watching I was so tired and I just spent two hours laying in my bed doing nothing.
And then I decided to start watching a show with a lot of episodes.I started watching Scream,ever since I was a little kid I loved Scream.This show has 2 seasons and of course I watched them really quickly.
At the moment I'm watching a show called Sense8 and I love it.
I must say Netflix is some kind of addiction,when I'm at work I just want to go home and continue watching it.
Do you have netflix ? If you have it,what is your favorite show ? Be free to tell me in the comments.

Until next time,goodbye.

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