Sunday, December 25, 2016

2016 wasn't that bad

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas, even though I don't celebrate Christmas I really love this time of the year. December is probably my favorite month because I love winter so much... But sadly here in Bosnia it's still not snowing. Reason why I decided to write new blog post today is because 2016 is almost over and I truly can't believe it. For entire world this year was terrible, so many bad things happened. We lost so many talented people and of course we lost so many innocent people in Syria.
I know it's Christmas so I won't be talking about bad things that happened, I really want to talk about good things that happened to me. To me this year started amazing, I met so many new people and started new friendships. Best thing that happened to me is that I got a job. I started working at theater production company and I really love it, it's so amazing to hang out with so many talented actors and producers and of course other staff that work with me. So far I learned so many new things about that business and that's incredible. One reason why I love this job is because it truly doesn't feel like I'm at work, I have a feeling like I'm with my friends and we important stuff haha.
Also earning my own money feels great, throughout past 3.5 months I truly can feel that I changed.
I kind of became little bit more mature, maybe because I only hang out with people who are six, ten or sixteen years older than me...
Yes that's right, I'm the youngest person in the company and when I meet someone new they think I'm someone's son.
Being youngest is great because everyone acts like they are my older brother/sister, they treat me really nicely.
Ok, I'll stop writing about the work right now...

This year my city decided to create three or four holiday markets (that's a lot for a small city), I go there at night because there are a lot more people and atmosphere is amazing, you can eat,drink and there are a lot of activities for kids and for adults too.

On Saturday I will stay home with my family because for some reasons I don't like to go out to celebrate. I just love to be with my family and watch tv, listen music... etc.

What are your plans ? How are you going to celebrate New year ? Be free to comment.
Until next time, goodbye.

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  1. I dig this post! I feel like so many folks are trying to say 2016 was the worst ever when in reality it wasn't that bad for a lot of us. Maybe the world just needs to stop focusing on the negatives and start looking at the positives.