Sunday, January 15, 2017

SHARK Sport Watch Review

Before I start writing the review I want to thank SHARK Sport Watch for  sponsoring this post. Of course I would never work with brands that I don't like so this review will be 100% honest.

I'm the person who loves watches, they are perfect accessory and they can make your outfit look even better.
When I had to choose what watch I want, I was in such a dilemma because SHARK watches have so many watches and they are all great in their own way.
I decided to get Gulper Shark 2, it's really unique because it was inspired by submarine periscope and that is truly interesting
My package arrived really quickly, it was handled really securely and of course nothing was damaged during the shipment. 

The watch comes in a really high quality box ( and of course design of the box is incredible).

In the box, beside the watch you'll find waranty card, user manual and stickers.

Ok, let's talk about the watch itself.

Gulper Shark 2 comes in 5 different styles ! ( black, white, red, yellow and blue).
I decided to get red because I really love that color.

The design is incredible, one thing that I really like is, it's not over the top. It has a lot of details but that's not  a problem at all, it's really elegant.
This is the round watch made out of alloy with mineral glass, the back is made out of steel.
Dimension of Gulper Shark 2 is 50mm and its thickness is 16mm. Even though it's made out of heavy materials, it's not too heavy.

One problem that I had was that the bracelet was little bit big for my hand but I fixed it for $2 and now it fits my hand perfectly.
Band lenght is 190mm and its width is 22mm, it's made out of stainless steel and it has folding clasp.

This is not the ordinary watch that you can buy, it has a lot of cool features:

Advance LED display, no backlit needed. Clean and save the energy.

Wake and remind you at any moment you want

Remind you what day is it today.

Also did I mention it's water resistant, you can wash your hands and nothing will happen, that's incredible.

Overall this is incredible watch, but I will recommend for you to check out other watches because they are awesome too.
If you are wondering how much it costs, it costs €75 which is great, oh also the shipping is free !

I would like to thank SHARK Sport watch again for sponsoring this post and also you can check out my Instagram to see another photo, my username is eldarlenk ! 

If you have any questions be free to contact them at: sales@shark-watch,com

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