Saturday, April 15, 2017

6 Things I Wish I had Known Before I Started Blogging

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Would you like to start blogging and you have no idea how or where to start ? Well, I'm here to tell you all the ''secrets''.
When I started my blog I had no idea how everything worked, I spent a lot of days  trying to learn new things and it wasn't easy as I thought.
If you think you'll get hundreds and hundreds of views on your page and if you think you'll get a lot of comments, I'm sorry but your wrong.
One thing you need to know is that NOTHING can happen in just one day, this is a really long process.

I started blogging in November 2015 and I spent a lot of time reading other blogs.
So there it is, my first tip.

When I say follow other bloggers that doesn't mean you should copy what they do or copy their theme or even posts. You should try to be original.
Those bloggers can teach you how to be more professional and not just personal blog that only your family and friends read.
Don't just write, think before you publish. Do your research !
Let's say you started lifestyle blog, google lifestyle blogs and check those blogs. They can be your inspiration.  
Let's say you want to write a blog post about your favorite recipe, try not to write really short post with only recipe.
Tell people about all ingredients, why are they good for us, etc. And of course just like professional bloggers, take your own photos and personaly I think you should post a lot of photos. They make your post more fun and interesting.

This is my favorite part, I just love making fun thumbnails. Oh, I don't make them fun without no reason. People will most likely click your link (if you share your post on twitter,facebook, google +, etc.) if they see fun photo. Maybe you published most amazing post ever but sadly look sells.
Making thumbnails is super easy, use photoshop or and get creative, it's simple as that.

Ok, you made your thumbnail and then what ? Beside your thumbnail your story has to be on point too.
Why would I continue reading something that's not engaging at all, or especially if your story is all over the place. Make perfect text order and that's really important.

This should always be your main focus and that's really important at the beginning. What is the point of writing something that you don't like, write something that will truly make you happy.

When people start reading your posts and when they start commenting, that will feel really exciting for you. You're going to start gathering more informations on what people like and don't like. Also you'll see what types of people read your blog.
In my case most of my readers are from United States and from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The age demographic is from 18-30.

If you want to have your own niche that is great but to me I love blogs where I can read about everything. Don't be like everyone else, be unique.

At the end of this post I will write short recap of all tips.

Blogging is a huge learning process, nothing can happen fast. Learn from other bloggers and get creative. Write about whatever you want and most importantly, just be yourself.

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